Our mission is to share the truth about what nicotine is/does by uncovering facts, opinions, and research from all sides of the debate and then fairly presenting our findings in a feature length documentary. As a result, it is our hope that government officials, health professionals, parents, and people who use nicotine around the world may be able to make more confident, clear, and informed decisions/judgments regarding nicotine and public health.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Who is funding this movie?

In order to keep our journalistic independence while making this film, we raised funds from a diverse group of 1,112 backers during our Kickstarter campaign held in early 2019.


Do you support kids using nicotine?

Due to nicotine’s potential effect on developing brains, we do not support kids using nicotine.


What is your position on cigarette smoking?

With one billion people projected to die in the next century due to cigarette smoking-related illnesses, we recognize cigarettes as a dangerous, deadly way to get nicotine.


How can I support the film?

Though our Kickstarter has ended, you can still make a tax-deductible donation to the non-profit organization The Film Collaborative by clicking here.


Why make a documentary about nicotine?

While our production crew at Third Line Films did not regularly use nicotine, we do have countless friends, family members, and neighbors that did. For millions of people who use nicotine around the world, the method by which they choose to use nicotine (largely impacted by their perception of what nicotine is and does to the body), may truly be a matter of life or death. With so much on the line, our society can’t afford any confusion, interference, or misinformation when it comes to understanding nicotine.

For the sake of friends and family, both yours and ours, we see a great need for this documentary and take our role in spreading the truth very seriously.


Where/when will the documentary be released?

The documentary will be premiere in Fall 2020 (delayed because of COVID-19 outbreak) and will be released on an accessible platform in the following months.